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Horst Zimmer | Oberursel


"It still brings me such joy that our family firm always was and still is based on enthusiasm for the craft itself combined with a great love for fabrics. The fact that this has been and still is the case, from generation to generation, is something quite magnificent!"

EW Interior | Frankfurt


"If I didn't have fabrics, I just wouldn't know how to decorate!"

Zimmer + Rohde | Oberursel


"Zimmer + Rohde is a family company. The human touch underpins everything here – amongst colleagues and with customers. You don't find that everywhere. We're proud of that."

Taylor Howes Design | London

Old Friends

"Real chic is certainly a mixture of the classical and the modern. The Zimmer + Rohde collections get right to the heart of that mix! That's why we live with them in our own homes!"

Hirsch Bedner Associates Design Group | Hong Kong


"Zen and calmness are etched into the way we live today here in Hong Kong – far removed from the strong red colour of former years. The hectic lifestyle awakens a need for a place where your thoughts can find peace. That's why we value the quiet, sophisticated design inherent in Zimmer + Rohde fabrics."

Vignelli Associates | New York


"I like design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all timeless."

David Kleinberg Design Associates | New York


"It's in our nature as human beings to need textiles for our 'nest' – they do us good and they have value. When we touch the cover of an armchair, it triggers an emotional response within us. We interact with fabric. So the way a surface and its texture feels are very important aspects."

Lege Alto | Moscow


"So many of our projects have been a success because of the Zimmer + Rohde fabrics. We've often decorated whole houses in them!"

Damien Langlois-Meurinne | Paris


"To my eyes a Zimmer + Rohde fabric brings an interior to life. Colour and emotion, even happiness come into play and that's just what people need."

Weverij G.G. Delabie | Ghent Ingooigem


"For me the challenge is all about manufacturing the finest and most beautiful quality possible… we don't do average here."

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