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Etamine Collection

Alpine | Mura | Place de Valois

The ALPINE collection reinterprets the spirit of the traditional chalet, while instilling an air of modernity. The fabrics used are soft and warm; pure wool, linen and velvet are an invitation to snuggle up in this cosy interior. Renovated colourways bring a contemporary look to these authentic materials.

The collection MURA clearly opts for modernity and pays homage to the designers of the 1950’s. It is inspired by their innovative use of geometric motifs and their dense vibrant colours. The fabrics have been specially conceived for furniture in contemporary interiors using elegant and comfortable materials. A complete harmony has been created between modernity’s bold colours and the softness of the fabrics.

As its name indicates, this collection pays homage to the women of Paris. Every material bears the name of a famous street or square in the City of Lights. Elegant and refined, the collection PLACE DE VALOIS reflects the Parisian spirit. The colours are fresh, the motifs classic, and tradition is revisited with a light hand. Particular attention has been paid to the choice of colours; pinks and lilacs play with greens and turquoises, thus creating a harmony between each fabric. The materials are noble and soft; the combination of silk and cotton and prints enhanced by embroidery bring youth and modernity to this collection inspired by history.

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