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Travers Collection

Equinox | Antalya | Bodrum | Odessa

EQUINOX, a time of equal day and night, describes the illumination of a universal colour palette. The daylight is reflective of bright, vibrant colours such as pinkberry, parrot green, and turquoise blue, complemented with the rich evening colours of cocoa, dark ink of the midnight sky and silvery cream of moonlight. The celestial ambience is achieved with the introduction of five patterns that make a great dynamic impact. This concentrated grouping of designs consists of velvets, silks and dramatic jacquards that pare well with hues that eclipse day and night, there is find a perfect balance in the EQUINOX collection.

ANTALYA — With the introducing of our largest print assortment to date for TRAVERS, this document inspired collection, takes its origin from the TRAVERS design studio. It offers various design scales and motifs from ikat, Jacobean, florals, tree of life, and fleur de lis damasks printed on natural ground clothes with an extraordinary relax hand and drape-ability. The revival of classic designs, a freshen colour palette married with technological finishing advancements has played a role into breathing new life into this TRAVERS collection. This classic revival introduces the new traditional to the design community in a luxurious way!

BODRUM is a comprehensive upholstery collection inclusive of velvets, jacquards, small-scale designs, skins and solids. The BODRUM collection will complement the prints from ANTALYA and silks from EQUINOX, offering a full range of designs to complete the designer’s story.

ODESSA – the new WARNER collection. ODESSA continues the global journey to the Eastern ports with the delicate, whimsical stitchery of TREE BREEZE; a splendid hand block print, SUZANI, and the coordinating colourful kaleidoscope stripe, MARLOWE STRIPE. A collection staple, MARLOWE PLAIN , compliments the colour palette within each design establishing continuity, a punch of colour and welcome additions to any room setting.

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