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Urban Rhythm

New York, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Paris and Berlin are the world’s vibrant cities where people stream through urban avenues and canyons. Life unfurls over the background noise of the urban bustle; vivid, multifarious and mobile. Whether it’s fashion or music, art or design, the asphalt of the big city is a hotbed for individuality and creativity.

In cafés, galleries and clubs, people from the most diverse backgrounds meet, each with their own individual life stories. Different cultures and mentalities collide with one another, mix and unite. And so appears URBAN RHYTHM – the new autumn collection from Zimmer + Rohde inspired by the cultural diversity of urban living – with expressive designs in vibrant colours.

With the eye-catching BRUSH, a modern, checked interpretation has been achieved that plays with elements of contemporary painting. The bold brushstrokes and powerful colours are reminiscent of a trip to the Museum of Modern Art. By contrast, SKYLINE portrays the elegant, glassy facades of skyscrapers. Vertical stripes, broken by horizontal elements, create the impression of standing in the centre of the urban canyons of downtown Manhattan.

The illuminated windows of skyscrapers are the stars of the city and the inspiration behind CITY LIGHTS, the ultra light ‘Scherli’ weave whose iridescent points appear to shine on a transparent background.

Clear geometric designs on contemporary fabrics absorb the creative energy of the city and transform the new Urban Rhythm collection into homage to the pulsating life of the big city.

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