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Ardecora Collection

Les Années Folles

Art, culture, and science blossomed in the 1920’s, encouraged by a renewed zest for life. Significant artists such as Picasso and Matisse, emerging glamorous film stars and designers like Coco Chanel and Madeleine Vionnet revolutionized and made a lasting mark on their era. This year’s Ardecora collection entitled LES ANNÈES FOLLES has been inspired by that era when life in the cities of Berlin, Paris, London and New York was flourishing.

LES ANNÈES FOLLES incorporates the search for new, avant-garde forms of artistic expression. In this way, the expressive decorative fabric DADA showcases itself lavishly and spectacularly with stylized ornamental elements. Silk materials that flow softly steal the limelight in the manner of Marlene Dietrich and Josephine Baker, to whom we dedicate fabrics that are sumptuous to the touch.

The BROADWAY piece was conceived with elegance and glamour in mind with its graphic design ensuring timeless sophistication. Its embroidery and shimmering hand-applied sequins give this fabric the luxury characteristic of 1920’s haute couture. This is mirrored in the special TWENTIES finish that reflects light in a unique manner.

MOULIN ROUGE interprets the creative atmosphere of that legendary cabaret in a contemporary and subtle fashion: the graphic art deco embroidery on silk organza with rich satin strips is particularly expressive and lavish. The choice of colours on a light changing silk base with sublime relief embroidery lend the GREAT GATSBY, with its satin and taffeta strips, an extravagant and refined radiance.

The LES ANNÈES FOLLES collection captivates with its subtle design and high-quality fabrics, which remain true to the Ardeco ra line’s characteristically sensuous and discerning style.

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