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Hodsoll McKenzie Collection


LINEAGE – That which connects to the source or common ancestor thus bestowing pedigree and prestige, gentility and grace. The Hodsoll McKenzie collection speaks to the origins of the brand as a distinctly English aesthetic expressed in a focused colour palette well suited for the easy elegance of today’s interior design. With attention to the history of English decorative textiles, the LINEAGE collection moves forward to embrace a transitional style harmonious with the themes and artful beauty associated with the Hodsoll McKenzie brand.

Three collection books, ARLEY, WELFORD & COURTLAND, offer a range of decorating options from silk and wool to printed linens and upholstery fabrics engaging to the eye and hand. ARLEY highlights luxurious natural qualities of silk, linen and wool that speak to a relaxed style in gracious living. Supple touch, soft colour and sensuous drape convey an understated sophistication and accessibility that is the hallmark of current high end design.

WELFORD features printed linens, a signature component of the Hodsoll McKenzie collection, presented with solid coloured linens and unique embroideries to create a traditional feel with a contemporary twist. And COURTLAND offers upholstery fabrics with inviting textures and patterns in colours that integrate with the decorative fabrics of ARLEY and WELFORD. The chenilles and figure weaves from COURTLAND complete the room scheme in a manner consistent with the Hodsoll McKenzie sensibility.

Timeless beauty is a goal best achieved through classic simplicity. The Hodsoll McKenzie LINEAGE collection responds to that desire with fabrics traditional at their source but modern in their interpretation. In keeping with an English perspective on interior decoration, the LINEAGE collection reflects a lifestyle expressed through colours, textures and designs harmonious with the point of view that is Hodsoll McKenzie. Please come with us and explore the possibilities of the LINEAGE collection - Hodsoll McKenzie 2012.

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