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Geometric forms are to be found everywhere in our daily lives. They give structure to space, shape rooms, create patterns that we see and feel and they set clear parameters. Zimmer + Rohde have chosen to interpret this fascinating interplay of shapes in its new Spring Collection in a wealth of varieties. Inspired by the geometry of ethnic motifs, influenced by elements from art and nature GEOMETRICS presents textile creations which are both elegant and timeless.

GRAPHICS is based on the early works of Mondrian. A decorative furnishing fabric, this beautiful satin features clear horizontal and vertical lines on a base weave which shimmers like wrought metal. A stylish silk, CALEIDO makes a statement for colour. Graphic ethnic designs in lime, emerald green and china blue form a bold contrast to the silver background. The delightful texture and depth of this silk jacquard will bring modern sophistication to any interior.

The jewel of the GEOMETRICS collection is CRYSTAL. A noble silk in a graphic design which takes its inspiration from the expertly worked facets of a gem. Costly yarns combine with expressive forms, an interplay of precious materials against a background of rich chocolate or shining silver. OCTAGON is an upholstery fabric which takes its name from the geometric shape. It is a symmetrical jacquard design that plays with the effects of light and shadow. Available in a wide range of shades it is an ideal coordinate. The GEOMETRICS collection unites distinct stylistic elements with the shades and textures of exquisite fabrics. The result is a dialogue which captures the imagination.

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