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Etamine Collection



The ancient Silk Route has been a great source of inspiration for the textile arts and the PAMIR collection reworks its motifs and colours in extrovert, exuberant and chic combinations. Origins and references are mixed together, spontaneously recomposing shapes and patterns in minimal or oversized scale. Juxtaposing silky and mat fibres withinits materials PAMIR’s textile compositions exude a freewheeling shimmery elegance. In this vibrant and luminous odeto the art of colour there is daring and impertinence that offer opportunities to create atmospheres with strongpersonality!


Evoking stories of lands as they meet the seas and deep ocean adventures, the stripes, embroideries and prints of the ULYSSE collection float in the wind like seafaring tales. These fresh, dynamic textiles with seaside atmospheres of holiday homes also add a certain chic to relaxed lofts or houses with a reworked classic mood. Stripes in differentscales, a floral-nautical motif and graphic embroidery can easily be combined with JULES and JADE, two comfortable, timeless Faux-Uni weaves offered in many colours. The focus of the ULYSSE collection is on linen - an ancient fibre -as a ground for embroidery in Dunes , a print base for Flots, in structured yarns for Chimère or Craie, slightly open worked for Songe and in discreet blends for transparent curtains. A quick escape to an energetic, elegantuniverse in a straightforward palette of blue, red, grey, taupe and ochre associated with ecru, white or linen.


These essential Faux-Uni seating fabrics are comfortable and resistant: either for the ikat-style, bayadere stripes of Jules or the sober basketweave effects of JADE. These smooth mellow jacquard fabrics can be combined easily with the PAMIR and ULYSSE patterns and with previous ETAMINE collections.

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