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Travers Collection


The Travers STANMORE collection is a four book series introducing spring of 2013. The collection was inspired by a design trip to India where our designer attended an exhibit on the famous fashion photographer, Norman Parkinson, called “Pink is the Navy Blue of India.” He had the uncanny ability to juxtapose fashion with architecture and nature. Influenced by the amazing relationship between colour and design, the beauty of the STANMORE collection was created.

Parkinson had a long association with British and American Vogue; in a career that spanned seven decades, Norman Parkinson dazzled the world with his sparkling inventiveness as a fashion photographer. His impulsiveness and unstructured style changed forever the static, posed approach to fashion photography, this was the unexpected style he brought to the fashion world. Mosaic motifs, architectural structures, and the exotic colour vitality of the photos and the textile designs transports the user on a visual journey.

The STANMORE collection evokes effortless elegance, and a sense of the unexpected with three dimensional laser cut floral motifs appliqued on linen paring with sumptuous jacquard velvets, silk chine prints, and fresh cotton percale grounds for prints. Three dimensional effects, highlighting hand stitchery techniques for embroideries, and colour combinations, such as: raspberry, coral, mandarin, slate, powder blues, silver greys and truffle translate beautifully into the prints, wovens and embroideries offering the designer a plethora of options.

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