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Bed Linen collection

The pulse of the city and cultural diversity of urban life define the bed linen spring collection of Zimmer + Rohde by Schlossberg. Elegance andmodernity are reflected in contemporary interior design, which merges the atmosphere and style of modern metropolises.

The design BRUSH, an expressive, painterly checked pattern on sophisticated satin base, impresses with its fine print and details. The broad brush strokes look as if they had been freshly applied. While BRUSH beige surprises with modern, expressive colours, BRUSH blanc presents itself in a somewhat more subtle, pastel version. Quality: Satin Finesse and Jersey Royal.

Inspired by old engravings, PANORAMA shows a mysterious landscape with finely drawn meadows, shrubs and trees. Through the choice of interlaces, this pattern has a grained structure and a special feel. With its dark blue and light rose-coloured weft, PANORAMA bleu is reminiscent of a night scene bathed in gentle moonlight. The variant PANORAMA viola combines a powdery silver lilac with natural beige, PANORAMA beige contrasts a landscape bathed in gold with fresh turquoise weft. Quality: Jacquard Deluxe.

The design ODIN is decorated with ellipses arranged in a regular pattern. The surface plays with a matt-gloss effect between satin background and oval motifs. The glossy borders of the ellipses create a sophisticated three-dimensional effect, giving the design a modern look. ODIN viola combines a subtle rosé in the background with sand colour, ODIN gris a fine silver grey with natural white and ODIN beige combines a light beige with an elegant pastel pink. Quality: Jacquard Deluxe.

METROPOLITAN interprets graphically created canyons and is reminiscent of modern architecture with its rectangular elements. The rigor and clarity is subtly dissolved by the fabric structure in the horizontal and vertical motifs. The design METROPOLITAN in the shades beige, gris and viola exudes a homely modernity with big city flair. Quality: Jacquard Deluxe.

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