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Zimmer + Rohde Collection

Vibrant and Pure

The new autumn collection from Zimmer + Rohde presents three expressive textile worlds devoted to showcasing colour from a variety of vantage points.

The two decorative textiles, MAZE and MERCURY, are a clear commitment to strong colours. The graphic all-over design and the wide block stripes captivate with their linear and lavish design. Primary colours inspired by pop art, such as lemon yellow, magenta and ultra-marine as well as refreshing turquoise and azure, emphasise bright features. Subtle, low-key tones such as silver, khaki and aquamarine shine on an elegantly shimmering surface. Ruby red and burgundy reveal their impressive colour depths on the delicate satin. Combining these with the casual
sporty cotton structure in shades of classic chalk, sand or stone creates vibrant colour interplay with exciting contrasts.

The LOFT upholstery fabric offers diversity in colour. It is available in hundreds of different colours, each of which lends its own particular character to the elegantly structured panama fabric. LOFT combines two multicoloured yarns that complement each other perfectly and create sophisticated blends of colour. The extensive palette of colours offers a variety of applications, ranging from new and fashionable to understated and natural.

Delicate shades of light and shadow were the starting point for the transparent line of the new Zimmer + Rohde collection. The appeal lies in the attention to detail in the minimalist designs and naturallooking textile structures. The low-maintenance qualities in neutral colour shades immerse rooms in harmonious light and lend minimal interiors a clear structure and airy sensuality. Rich in colour or minimalist – From bold statements to simple all-round talent, this Zimmer + Rohde collection offers an attractive range driven by a passion for textile designs for sophisticated worlds of interior decoration.

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