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Ardecora Collection

Mille e una notte

MILLE E UNA NOTTE, 1001 Arabian Nights – The legendary collection of eastern tales is the namesake for the Ardecora autumn collection. The famous literary work exudes mystique, poetry and sensuality. It intertwines Indian, Persian and Arabic influences. It is the colourful story that inspires the new Ardecora collection which in turn weaves exotic cultural motifs into exciting fabrics.

The decorative fabric SHAHRAZAD, named after the female lead character and narrator of 1001 Arabian Nights, features a contrast between expressive decorative designs and a delicate background texture. The lavish embroidery weaves and branches out, embellishes and unfolds, just like the narrative of its namesake. BELLEZZA fascinates with a fine contrast of linen and silk. Its sophisticated embroidery combines classical motifs with an elegant timelessness. In addition, the transparent fabric ALLEGRIA enchants with its playful lightness. Its subtle decorative embroidery invokes delicate elements of eastern handcraft offering an airy effect on the soft organza silk base.

MILLE E UNA NOTTE combines traditional and modern themes with unique results. The new Ardecora collection is a story of artistic decorative features, subtle harmony and elegant sophistication, as it whisks us away to a world of poetic sensuality.

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