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Hodsoll McKenzie Collection


Each new collection is an opportunity to reflect and comment on the evolving preferences and trends in interior design. The influence of art, fashion and cultural histories inform our continuously changing aesthetics and life style. We are today more than ever a global community, well-traveled and comfortable with the rich tapestry of life worldwide. The Hodsoll McKenzie 2013 collection EVOLUTION , offers an interpretation of those influences framed by the comfortable and familiar traditions of the brand. Taking inspiration from the textiles of Mali, Japan, Uzbekistan and India to the period style of mid-century modern, the EVOLUTION collection draws on multiple sources to weave together an individual, personalized approach to design. As always, the colour palette is soft and livable providing continuity with the collection as a whole and the predominance of natural fibers is consistent with the relaxed elegance for which Hodsoll McKenzie is known.

The three collection books BROMLEY, ALISTER and DARNELL, present an array of textiles including rich wools and supple silks to softened cottons and linens. From documentary styled jacquards to new, more contemporary constructions, BROMLEY features decorative and dual purpose woven fabrics that speak to a preference for understated luxury. ALISTER offers the designer beautiful linen embroideries and prints that are at once both traditional and contemporary in their interpretations. And, DARNELL brings the designer a selection of upholstery fabrics that are unique in character yet have the high level of performance required for today’s life style.

EVOLUTION 2013 introduces the Hodsoll McKenzie customer to an inviting range of textiles that look forward to the changing sensibilities in interior decoration and yet are tempered by the timelessness of classic traditions. We hope you will be inspired by the variety of textures, colours and designs to find a personal expression that is fresh, exciting and harmonious with the Hodsoll McKenzie vision. We welcome you to enjoy and celebrate the new traditionalism with Hodsoll McKenzie’s EVOLUTION 2013.

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