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Travers Collection


Travers – The curator of luxurious textiles The CARLYLE Collection offers embroideries, woven jacquards and an assortment of prints to create this three-book offering for Spring of 2014. The collection offers classic design with modern details displayed through innovative qualities and interesting colour combinations. Each book: MUSTIQUE, CORDELIA, and CARLYLE, displays its own personality with an unscripted palette that cross-coordinates with one another. The Travers brand is a blueprint of inspiration offering the designer tools to beautiful ever-evolving interiors. The resurrection of the American economy is making timeless luxury a reality. The investment in the customer and how they utilize our textiles and passementerie is more important to us than ever. Our textiles will inspire through colour, design and construction, setting the brand as more than a fabric house, but a lifestyle.

The MUSTIQUE book can offer an interior that expresses a romantic ethereal sophistication. The fabrics can create a range of interiors from a house in the countryside to a West Indies island escape. It encompasses the comfortable ambience of a relaxed structure. WIND SONG, GALLATIN, and MUSTIQUE, all printed on linen, have a very soft and drapeable hand complimenting the woven fabrics in the collection thus creating an inviting sanctuary. The MUSTIQUE book incorporates a soft palette for Travers. The colours include slate to Mediterranean blues, mint green, fog to neutral shades ranging from linen to mocha.

The CARLYLE book is a visitation to traditional design with a modern classicism approach. It includes beautiful archival prints married with silk stripes and tailored wovens. The textiles in the CARLYLE Collection create the umbrella to the Travers brand inspiring today’s traditional interiors. CARLYLE is the DNA of the Travers brand, taking the historical perspective as inspiration in creating luxury textiles of the future. From beautiful claret red to celadon, and slate blues, this is a mid-tone palette. These colours have staying power and are easy to live with in the interior.

The CORDELIA collection is inspired by the artistry of design, which creates visual poetry. The vivid colour combinations of cerise, citrus and tangerine coupled with silver create optically stimulating textiles for the home. Included within are rich velvets, unusual skin patterns, and scenic embroideries – all designs of prominence. As the fashion world continues to explore the use of metallic embellishments, the Travers brand utilizes this medium in pattern CORDELIA, with nail head impressions in a layered metallic printing technique.

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