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Passementerie Collection


Introducing the inaugural Zimmer + Rohde passementerie collection we have aptly named Temptation! TEMPTATION spreads its alluring charm at first glance! The finest cords, ribbons, fringes and piping, fashioned by the finest manufacturers in Europe, enrich window decorations, cushions and furniture and make each individual piece unique.

Whether for drapery or cushions, decorative MARABOU fringes and FRAME plaited piping seduce the senses with their expressive colours and provide bright and exciting accents. ASTAIRE, BALLET, LIZA and SWINGING cords and ribbons are full of showmanship and yearn for the stage. Their elegance is displayed with metallic and shimmering mother-of-pearl hues. The remarkable SHOWTIME, LACING and EMBRACE tie-backs are true gems, made individually with passion by expert hands. They wrap around draperies like a precious necklace. TEMPTATION takes centre stage and makes for exciting and seductive accents.

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