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Ardecora Collection

La Traviata

Just like an opera performance, La Traviata invites you on a journey to discover exciting, mysterious and expressive emotions. Verdi’s tragic work about a passionate love affair is the inspiration for the new Ardecora Autumn Collection.

Maestro is the extravagant climax of the collection. The high quality, elegant silk fabric, with its five-colour strié warp, forms the ombre background upon which the opulent floral ornaments unfurl. Artistic embroideries fascinate with an interplay of light and shade, of radiance and mystery. Whether a bright soprano, resonant tenor or a mysterious bass, the colourful nuances of Finale evoke a wide range of tones and emotions. The spectacular lampas fabric, with its floral relief pattern, continually reveals new facets. It can radiate clear gold and silver tones or seem breathtakingly mystical with the dark blue in the background. Preludio plays with the enticing contrasts of light, transparent silk organza and the elegant, embroidered ornaments, which almost seem to float over the delicate material. Its subtle elegance is captivating. Sipario loves to make a grand entrance. Its voluminous drape and classical pattern enchants with contemporary colours that seductively reflect the light.

Whether an expressive crescendo or a delicate pianissimo, La Traviata captivates with its sensual tonality of emotions.

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