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Hodsoll McKenzie Collection


From the storybook hamlets of the Cotswolds to the toney, trend setting neighborhoods of London, England never fails to inspire and delight. And, with each divergent setting, a distinctly English lifestyle evolves with all its adjunct components of design and decoration. It is this variety that is the impetus behind the Hodsoll McKenzie collection Interiors. English country house chic, townhouse luxury, and urban contemporary are the themes of the collection books Cotswold, Mayfair & West End. With the emphasis on natural fibers and a muted colour palette punctuated by autumnal accent colours of pumpkin, ocher and saffron, Hodsoll McKenzie expands the look of traditional English decoration to address evolving preferences in room design and architecture.

We hope you will find your own personal expression among the fine woven, printed and embroidered fabrics offered in this new collection, Interiors, Hodsoll McKenzie.

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