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Etamine Collection

Granville et Porquerolles

With Granville and Porquerolles, the new Etamine collection conjures up a poetic vision of spring freshness and summer heat, a journey from the Channel coast to the shores of the Mediterranean. Enter a fresh and optimistic world of inspiration, dedicated to the pleasure of creating harmony through a blend of boldness and subtlety.
Granville, elegant and feminine, a sublime burst of fragrance with delicate, sparkling colours. Two floral interpretations: the impressionistic Bel été, featuring a meadow of flowers painted on linen voile, and the sumptuous l’Absolue, the very embodiment of elegance. This bouquet of flowers, which has been printed then applied, is a technical tour de force, blossoming on a background of silk, and producing an effect like an embroidered sketch. A burst of satiny colour, Après la Pluie shimmers and catches the light, while Week-end, with its teasing geometry and tailoring, presents two carefree embroideries that resonate beautifully with Bel été and l’Absolue. A world of distinction borne out by Victoire, flowing taffeta in quietly intense tones, a space of beauty that
calls to mind a famous couturier who both grew flowers and adorned his models with them.
Porquerolles, an escapist homage to multiple influences, with four bold printed or embroidered designs. A world of sun-drenched or subtle colours, a palette that underlines the energy of the designs and their power of expression. Madrague, a spectacular floral patchwork embroidered on natural linen, evokes a festive and idealised South, a very strong presence... or there is Nomade, a luminous interpretation of traditional, hand-painted patterns, emphasised by printing on satin linen. A bold and original reinvention of the ikat technique, Caractère is embroidered on dupioni silk, while Archipel asserts a new type of refined exoticism with its vibrant fauna and underwater flora, printed on light linen.
Two faces of the same identity, a collection as faithful to its source as it is surprising, with harmonies between consistently subtle colours, the Etamine collection is an inspiring and evocative proposition that gives full rein to creativity.

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