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Zimmer + Rohde Collection


Symphony , the new autumn collection from Zimmer + Rohde, presents a modern universe of colours, patterns and materials. This contemporary collection is characterised by expressive shades and picturesque motifs, soft natural tones and rich single-colour designs.

The Turn decorative fabric and the Focus upholstery fabric provide colourful variety. The front and back of the softly flowing, double-weave half-linen Turn fabric produce various shades that fascinate with a unique colour interplay depending on the fall of surrounding light. Focus, on the other hand, reflects the palette of a rainbow with 100 colours. The twotoned, shimmering flat-woven weave is a true all-rounder, as Focus can be used as a fabric for both upholstery and decoration. These two basic pieces are enhanced with further articles, which play on the colour lightness and diversity and particular colour combinations as a fabric or print, allowing for use in a variety of situations.

Ondra is one of the highlights of Symphony . Whether in gold, silver or bronze, Ondra is impressive with its expressive, dynamic diamond pattern on a course linen background. The metallic pigments combine with the natural linen to create a particularly appealing contrast.

The Zimmer + Rohde collection is distinguished by a playful lightness and subtle, modern designs in all the transparent and semi-transparent items, which can be found in the Transparence 8 book. Natural, neutral tones come together with interesting techniques here. The low-maintenance qualities stand out with intriguing structures and surfaces and play on various contrasts and textile techniques. This section also offers net-like rustles and weaves and double-weave, voluminous natural structures, as well as purist Scherli patterns, which noticeably stand out against the transparent background.

A symphony of colours and elements, patterns and materials, and elegance and modernity is waiting to be discovered in the new collection from Zimmer + Rohde.

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