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Ardecora Collection

Emozioni di Milano

Milan, the Italian city of demure nobility and creativity, is the inspiration behind the new Ardecora collection. It’s no coincidence that the fabrics are named after Milanese squares, streets and districts. Emozioni di Milano invites you to discover the hidden treasures and subtle elegance of Milan. Just as the city combines classic tradition and modern glamour, the Ardecora collection also presents these two facets in the Via Manzoni book and the Via della Spiga book.

Duomo symbolises elegant Milan tradition. Whether it’s in classic gold, silver or vibrant coral red, Duomo sets itself apart with elegance and a striking presence. The sophisticated patterned satin embroidery stands out against the structured background of this unique, opulent fabric.

Brera offers a captivating play on lightness and delicate embroidery. Its subtle embroidery incorporates various yarns and techniques to provide an interesting contrast to the semi-transparent background, which is reminiscent of silk. This interplay of splendour and airiness is typical of the grand yet subtle elegance of Milan.

Meda impresses with a background of pure dupioni silk and its three-dimensional embroidered pattern, which uses bright yarns to provide a fascinating contrast. Modern and glamorous, yet subtle, Emozioni di Milano showcases the luxurious, lively side of Milan with these fabrics.

The polar opposites of modernity and tradition come together to lend both Novecento and Milan their charm. The mysterious Jacquard velvet is always revealing a new side to its character. This is a fabric with a history, which can be interpreted as traditional or modern depending on the colour and light, allowing it to always be rediscovered. This spirit reflects Emozioni di Milano, inviting you on a journey to discover the enchanting, elegant and subtle facets of Milan.

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