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Hodsoll McKenzie Collection


Today‘s interiors reflect an individually tailored taste with a personal narrative achieved through an imaginative mix of style, texture and color. The art, antiques and architecture that are present in modern interiors converse with carpets, furniture and textiles in an unique language of design that speaks to a sophisticated, world aware approach to living. The beauty of such rooms emerges from the harmonious juxtaposition of the unexpected. It is this harmony that inspired the Hodsoll McKenzie 2015 collection. With an emphasis on the uniting influence of color, the Harmony Collection brings together traditional with contemporary, formal with casual, textural with smooth, dry with luster, all framed by the Hodsoll McKenzie signature look of natural elegance.

Harmony 2015 is a three book collection. Milford highlights the traditional country house aesthetic with floral prints, a multi-colored plaid, drapery linens and a double-width cotton matelasse. Thompson focuses on a more formal traditionalism but with a modern interpretation. A classic damask design sits with modern embroideries, an intricate paisley with a small scale geometric, an innovative jacquard velvet appears with an elegant calendered upholstery linen giving this book a range of contrasting options and a fresh view on time-honored design. Finally, Remsen builds on Hodsoll McKenzie‘s selection of modern and ethnic designs. Here we see the on-going influence of African textiles, mid-century modernism and 21st century novelty expressed through a range of jacquard constructions and embroidery techniques.

Our interior spaces are our refuge and reflect the priorities we embrace. Today‘s home is a venue for the decorative spirit of a diverse life experience. With a thoughtful eye, we address that diversity and give it a harmonious expression. Welcome to Hodsoll McKenzie‘s Harmony 2015 collection.

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