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Travers Passementerie Collection

Place Vendôme

The new Travers trim collection was inspired by a retrospective celebration of the 160-year history of a famed French jeweler at the Grand Palais during a trip to Paris. The jeweler’s eldest son developed a particular interest in the colorations of the ballet costumes during a performance in Paris of the Russian Ballet in 1910. The color and jewel pairings, coupled with geometric designs established the unique style, which is still known today.

The passementerie includes a range of original, distinctive designs, such as velvets, embroidery, applique on tapes and bejeweled fringes. Presented in seven signature Travers palettes: sapphire, aqua, powder, ruby, café, linen and pearl; these offerings work well with the entire Travers fabric library. The stunning embroidered floral motif of Bismark, the sumptuous velvet motifs and geometric applique diamonds dazzle the collection with unexpected artistry. As with the famed French jeweler, Travers is not afraid to push the envelope with the use of metallic color within glass beads that pair with linen and lurex bringing a new dimension of modernity and elegance to its trim legacy.

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