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New Zimmer + Rohde Collection


Artistic choreographies are the inspiration for Ensemble, the new collection from Zimmer + Rohde. The delicate combination of matte and shining surfaces, distinctive and striking colours, expressive patterns and discreet single-colour fabrics all create a universe of harmony and rhythm for every room.

Decorations like Dance, Tango, Step or Blues are looking to make a big impact. Dance is happy to take centre stage with its shining metallic leaf motif on a matte background in expressive colours such as cobalt blue, lime green or saffron yellow. Tango shows its true, vivacious colours with an expressive background featuring ornately embroidered stripes that gradually encourage the audience to dance. Samba sways with a feeling of lightness and a vintage look. Its interesting surface design ensures its character changes depending on the choice of colour. In contrast, Bebop plays on its three dimensional structure and the contrast between matt and shine and material and structure in an exciting rhythm.
These virtuosos of expression harmonise perfectly with the soloists of Ensemble.
The choreography is the conductor of the interplay, providing accent and emotions and creating the composition. The single-colour fabrics from the Ensemble collection are striking with their range of colours and materials, their subtle elegance and understated presence, which they use to perfect the dance.

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