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New Etamine Collection



At Etamine we love colours! Our Cosmos collection reflects our passion for all colours with a spectacular and dynamic mix. It’s like returning from a journey with motifs inspired by that marvellous source of creativity-ikat.

Revisiting the shapes, the designs today are lighter, with the concept expressed in a large variety of embroidered and woven designs and prints with a hand-painted look, but also in Jacquards and velvet. A collection where the universal range of colours confirms the unlimited radiance of these ancient motifs.

United under the collective name Cosmos and drawn from mythology and astronomy, the fabric names underscore the timelessness of the designs and gives free reign to the imagination, creating an original ambience with a personal touch.

Circée is a classic Central Asian décor, boldly and gracefully reinterpreted. Galatée, an ornamental print rendered with verve and a light touch. Comète, an earthy embroidery on cotton canvas. Gamma, discipline and elegance, a wave of straight lines embroidered onto a striped background. More geometry with Mercure, a constructivist Jacquard featuring the shimmering rigour of Météore velvet.


Daydreaming, whilst warming yourself by the fire after a walk in the countryside; sharing brunch in the sun room... This is what the new collection, Saison, offers you: a hymn to nature and well-being, a universe of relaxed and elegant charm. Wool, linen, cotton: refined natural elements associated with the gentle quality of monochrome spaces and the mix of bright neutral tones with soft colours.

Authenticity and bucolic imagery inspire the names of the fabrics such as Légende, sensual and luxurious, a subtle balance between silk and wool. Liesse a dense and luxurious embroidery with soft accents. Regain offers comfort and structure, a velvety and inviting plaid. Liseron, a light motif whose embroidery winds and unwinds. Fable, a poetic ode to the animal kingdom, an escape into the world of murmuring fens and ponds. And finally, a number of transparent or slightly opaque striped patterns built around this discreet and comforting story.

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