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New Travers Collection

New Classics

The distinctive voice of American interior decoration has always been the inspiration for the Travers collection. Beautiful silk damasks and velvets, traditional prints and luxurious upholstery fabrics are at the heart of the Travers decorating point of view. For 2016, we reimagine these timeless design elements in a collection we call New Classics. Presented in two books, Austin and Brenton, Travers 2016 continues to build on the brand’s reputation as a leading source for interior styling. Contemporary and traditional designs intermingle and the informal sits with the elegant in a color palette that speaks to a distinctly Travers lifestyle. Always inclusive of new advancements in woven design and embroidery as well as printing techniques and ground cloth, Travers continues the trend with the 2016 collection. Allow yourself to luxuriate in the New Classics.

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