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Selection, the new collection from Zimmer + Rohde, stands for subtle elegance and hand-picked quality pieces that are made using elaborate production processes. Every fabric in the collection tells its own particular story. Ornate appliqués and embroideries that reflect the aesthetic principle of the collection to the last detail are woven onto regal backgrounds made of natural materials, creating a unique look. Every fabric is produced to the highest standards, which calls for several processes and involves complex craftsmanship.
The collection is characterised by its natural tones and subtle colours that can be combined to create a sensual effect. Ivory, for example, features artfully framed, felt-based diamond shapes on a linen background. Other fabrics also impress with their subtle elegance and three-dimensional texture, such as Diary, with its diamond appliqués on cotton satin and Poetry, with its perfectly shaped embroidery designs and glorious sequins.
The single-colour fabrics also reflect the collection’s unique, high-quality aesthetic. Monsoon is a highlight of the collection. The hand-woven silk fabric with its soft, sensuous touch is produced by means of several complex stages involving a great deal of expertise in craftsmanship. The natural bulges and darkening colours of the silk yarn give Monsoon a lively and unique look that is available in 17 warm colours.
The single-colour Luna fabric is available in 63 colours, covering the entire colour spectrum. It has an extensive range of applications, not only as a decorative fabric but also as an upholstery fabric, and it impresses with its warm, finely brushed surface and soft drape.

The name of this collection says it all. Selection presents exciting fabrics – skilfully produced using carefully selected materials – that have a sensual, natural and subtle elegance.

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