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Ardecora Collection


The new Ardecora collection, Cinecittà, was inspired by Italy’s most famous film studio. This is where directors such as De Sica, Rosselini, Visconti and Fellini created their masterpieces that brought together classical modernism with poetic sensuality. These two qualities are exactly what the Cinecittà collection embodies, as is shown in the books Fellini and Cardinale.
Cardinale dives right into pure sensuality and the fabric of the same name is a highlight of the book. Named after the Italian film diva, the decorative, highly elegant cotton satin captivates with its ornamental appliqué, subtly embroidered and made of pure silk. The interplay between the graphic embroidery elements is especially enchanting, as they create a breathtaking contrast to the luxurious silk.
The elegance of Casanova is also enchanting. The technically elaborate velour with its extravagant, attractive strié design fascinates with its exciting hues.

The Fellini book, with its regal patterns and structures, is characterised by its understated grey and silver tones. The graphic, photogenic patterns unfold in clear structures with a subdued hint of nobility.

This is how Intervista impresses, with its lively, fluttering look. The Scherli fabric on linen and cotton exhibits a subtle interpretation of the ikat pattern. The seamless transitions within the decoration on the dry background create an alluring contrast to the fine lurex yarn that shines through again and again. The Fellini book channels the lively spirit of the ikat design into its various fabrics. Cinema and Federico, for example, allude to the moving image of master works in film in various ways. Sorrentino explores the use of graphic accents. The fine viscose fabric with its masterful embroidery is a true star that shines exquisitely in every spotlight.
The single-colour Gattopardo appears in both books and entices at first sight with its wonderful lustre. The versatile, impressive and elegant velour is available in eleven regal colours.

Cinecittà evokes those wonderful moments found in Italian cinema, and invites you to enter into its magical, cinematic world.

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