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Zimmer + Rohde Furniture Collection

Handcrafted Furniture

The international textile manufacturer drafted designs in keeping with the company’s hallmark: a high level of quality and style. The unique upholstery was then made by hand in a German family owned and operated manufacturing facility. The finished pieces, assembled from painstakingly processed, premium materials, are unique in various regards. Here, we present a look behind the scenes.

“Yes, our furniture can absolutely be considered the haute couture of upholstery,” confirms Andreas Zimmer, drawing a parallel between the worlds of interior design and fashion. He continues: “Although each model is available in production runs of more than a single unit, these are handcrafted, unique pieces made in keeping with customers’ requests. These are far from mass-produced items rolled off a production line.”

Zimmer, the head of the internationally successful family owned and operated company, holds each of his collections to the very highest standards – entirely in keeping with the company’s more than 115 years of experience in textile interior furnishings and strong appreciation of quality. This commitment to quality standards involves continually inspecting production processes and investing a great deal of time in design, materials and development. Accordingly, all of the pieces in the ‘Get together’ furniture collection, which was designed by Damian Langlois-Meurinne, boast features that testify
to Zimmer + Rohde’s attention to detail.

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