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New Zimmer + Rohde Collection


The new collection from Zimmer + Rohde is full of expressive colours and elegant patterns that reference the golden age of cinema and its glamorous stars.
Prime stars of the Cinema collection, Tosca and Fiori, make a grand entrance. Tosca represents the passionate elegance associated with the divas of the silver screen. It reveals an expressive floral design with a glossy raffia yarn that juxtaposes the elegant background it sits on. Fiori is similarly destined for the big stage. With its intense variety of colours and moods, this floral print design is full of self-confidence. Just as a successful film is based on a successful ensemble of artists, the Cinema collection brings together an impressive and wide-ranging cast of characters. Floral, figurative designs on fine matte backgrounds are just as at home here as shiny and glamorous fabrics with abstract modern patterns. The stars of this ensemble are ideally suited for being combined with the single-colour Capri and Monaco. The fine structure and subtle shine of Capri evoke a sense of the refined elegance exuded by the likes of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. The silk satin Monaco, in contrast, is more reminiscent of the opulent glamour associated with Sophia Loren.
Just as a great film propels its actors to stardom, the Cinema collection shines the limelight of fame on an impressive range of sophisticated fabrics.

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