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New Wallcovering Collection


With the Signature wallpaper collection, Zimmer + Rohde adds a distinctive touch with its elegant style. The collection includes six new designs that makes thrilling allusions to the Cinema textile collection from Zimmer + Rohde, taking up and embellishing two of its decorative motifs.
Fiori Wall is the centrepiece of Signature. The extravagant material features an expressive floral print design that has a breath-taking appearance. Printed on a natural raffia fabric, Fiori Wall captivates with its texture and elegant gloss. Amalfi Wall was also inspired by elements of the Cinema collection. Its calligraphic design on the matte background has a three-dimensional appearance and captivates the viewer with its shine and depth.
This play on light and shadow, metallic shine and three-dimensionality, patina and modernity, makes the wallpapers from Signature collection stand out. Each of the items in the collection explore these characteristics, leaving its own mark in the Signature collection.

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