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New Etamine Collection

Marché Dakar – Partie de Campagne

Marché Dakar
Marché Dakar reflects the vivacity of a teeming, crowded marketplace in an exotic location. Since ancient times, the market has always been a meeting point for people, wares and cultures alike. With its bright watercolour motifs, the print design Marché forms the centrepiece of this collection. Impulsive colour ranges are paired with artful embroidery throughout. Medina, an ornamental embroidery design, is a veritable kaleidoscope of colours, and its multi-faceted look reflects the atmosphere of an old town. The detailed figurative imagery of Sandaga, opulent ornamental embroidered ribbons on Dakar and Karitè, as well as glossy and matte yarns, Tussar silk, seashells and wooden pearls all help to produce an exciting ethnic ambience. With its loving attention to detail, Marché Dakar is nothing but an homage to artisanship.

Partie de Campagne
The biggest inspiration behind Partie de Campagne lies in the epoch of impressionism and its love for outdoor painting. By taking their brushes and canvases directly into nature, the impressionist painters were able to capture their subjective views quickly and artfully. One of their main endeavours was to represent the light composition as faithfully as possible. This was an era where the bourgeoisie delighted in day trips to the country, exploring the wonders of nature. Campagne, a beautiful Toile-de-Jouy print design, captures the immediacy of the impressionists’ light hues and is a very appealing part of the Etamine collection. Campagne is joined by Nature, a scherli design with subtle tree motifs, and Lumière, a voluminous embroidery in white. It is no coincidence that the light, semi-transparent fabrics have been named after famous impressionist painters: Edgar (Degas), Edouard (Manet) and Claude (Monet). The nature look is pervasive here, endowing Partie de Campagne both with charm and an understated elegance.

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