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New Ardecora Collection

Palio di Siena

The new Ardecora collection Palio di Siena was inspired by its eponymous, richly traditional Tuscan city. Siena, with its palaces, frescoes and famous Palio di Siena horse race, combines tradition with modernity and passion. Said horse race and its colourful coat of arms inspired this modern book in our collection. The book features graphic elements in striking colours set against sophisticated backgrounds. For example, Il Drappellone boasts a spectacular graphic motif against a cotton satin background that truly catches the eye. Piazza del Campo is a real show-stopper as well. Its sophisticated, impressive design has a three-dimensional visual effect, combining artful embroidery with high-quality appliqués. This piece is framed by ikat embroidery that vividly evokes the movements of the horse race.
The classic Il Palio book revolves around Siena, capturing the Renaissance city with its majestic buildings, trademark patina and colour palettes in all its glory. For example, Oratorio features ornamental, sophisticated embroidery with artful shadows in the background. The fascinating tension between light and shadow lends this fabric a luxurious look.
Meanwhile, the interplay of colour and pattern also defines the collection’s upholstery fabrics. Il Casato and Siena feature elegant woven structures that showcase colour palettes; these fabrics can be styled in many different ways.
Palio di Siena embodies passion and elegance. Like the Tuscan city for which it is named, this Ardecora collection unites tradition with the present-day, introducing modern interpretations of classic motifs.

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