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111 Years

Taylor Howes Design | London

Old Friends

Gail Taylor and Karen Howes have done their bit to see that London is swinging again as the secret capital of design. This high profile pair have been dressing the interiors of houses, hotels and restaurants for 20 years - always hot on the trail in their search for something new and special. For 20 years they have both worked with fabrics by Zimmer + Rohde. "Just like old friends …" is how Gail describes the time they've shared together. "The Zimmer + Rohde team satisfies our every wish, however eccentric it may be, absolutely as a matter of course. They have simply got this can-do approach!" As a company, "the girls" are well known for their wholly individual approach to their demanding clients. "We include the elegant Zimmer + Rohde fabrics almost everywhere. The quality is perfect, the textures and range of colours fantastic. These wonderful dark purple shades - and now the trendy taupe with that tingly buzz of yellow!" Gail rhapsodises.

And in unison: "These textiles embody the soul of an interior!" They both feel that style in London has really developed, in recent years becoming more international and they welcome this change opening possibilities away from just an ‘English’ look. "Our style is a combination of the classical and the modern, and that exactly describes the Zimmer + Rohde collections. Very stylish…!"


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