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111 Years

Lege Alto | Moscow


Elena Ermakova welcomes us with confidence at the design studio "Lege Alto" in the heart of Moscow. Wherever we look we are surrounded by whole rows of chandeliers and precious draperies. Upstairs and downstairs business is bustling. How many people actually work here, trying to make every kind of wish come true? The firm here is synonymous with professional European interior design. "I act as a bridge between the top European labels and our clients" says Elena. The Russian customers seem to have slightly different preferences somehow. "They have a downright colour phobia! Grey, beige, brown, white – like our weather. It's my aim to make our living spaces more colourful, more appealing!"

She's been working on it for 10 years now – with our fabrics. “The Zimmer + Rohde collections are international, they don't just represent a particular market, like Germany for instance. There is the wool and silk from Hodsoll McKenzie – ideal for the Russian winter. Then the rich patterns of Ardecora with embroidery and gold effects. People love that here!" Yet there is another reason for Elena's loyalty: "The service you get from Zimmer + Rohde is totally reliable. They listen to us, understand our problems, always help. And you can order more of the same fabric for years and years! With the Germans it's just chop-chop. Everything runs like clockwork…!"

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