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111 Years

Damien Langlois-Meurinne | Paris


Pleasantly reserved, Damien Langlois-Meurinne sits in his showroom in the Marais district of Paris. No loud statement at all is necessary for this much sought-after designer and interior decorator. From residences in St. Tropez to artist studios in Montparnasse, he furnishes the top addresses. His talent does not stop there: he also designs furniture and the whole Zimmer + Rohde furniture range carries his signature. Damien sees wood and metal as primarily cool materials. "The emotion is within the fabrics! It's the textiles which bring the magic and tenderness. They are the gowns for the interiors. And from Zimmer + Rohde they are undeniably haute couture!" He settles down to work on the Zimmer + Rohde furniture with professional modesty. "I aim for an elegant but unobtrusive design, which enables the character of the fabric and all its inherent beauty to unfurl."

Andreas Zimmer counts himself lucky that the classical yet modern style of Zimmer + Rohde is so perfectly presented in Damien’s furniture design. Damien is very happy to return the praise. "I simply like the man – his personality and the passion with which he gets on with things. A huge asset to Zimmer + Rohde. These collections are always exactly on trend, the perfect liaison between old values and future vision. So many of the fabrics are glamorous and sexy…!"


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