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111 Years

EW Interior | Frankfurt


If, like Elke Winter, you have been remodelling the best addresses for 20 years, you have a wealth of experience and you know the industry. In her Frankfurt design studio she reflects over the decades with ease. "For as long as I've been involved in interior design, I've worked with Zimmer + Rohde. That means a lot to me. Not just because fabric is my favourite medium and I really like the design of these collections, it's the people, too. There is an atmosphere of warmth at Zimmer + Rohde, we know each other well and that creates trust between us. Everything runs smoothly - and that in turn helps me to do a good job."

It’s also about much more than just a good-looking product: "Even outstanding design alone isn't enough. For my German clients, a fabric must be washable or at least be able to be dry cleaned. Zimmer + Rohde textiles have all these qualities." In addition, in Elke Winter's day-to-day experience, subtle nuances of colour often set the tone. "You can create wonderful worlds of colour with these collections. The high quality pattern books are a fantastic help when you're working with clients." Her enthusiasm is spontaneous and very deep . "The elegant silk 'Aphrodita' is one of my favourites, for example. It was once the source of inspiration for an entire room concept…!"

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