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New Zimmer + Rohde Collection


Artistic choreographies are the inspiration for Ensemble, the new collection from
Zimmer + Rohde. The delicate combination of matte and shining surfaces, distinctive
and striking colours, expressive patterns and discreet single-colour fabrics all create
a universe of harmony and rhythm for every room.

New Wallcovering Collection


The new wallcoverings collection from Zimmer + Rohde relies on elegant restraint with glamorous effects.

New Etamine Collection


The spectacular and dynamic Cosmos collection takes a new look at traditional patterns and comes in colourways which are full of character. Saison on the other hand is a hymn to nature and well-being. A universe full of charm, informal and elegant, in subtle shades.

New Travers Collection

New Classics

The distinctive voice of American interior decoration has always been the inspiration for the Travers collection. Beautiful silk damasks and velvets, traditional prints and luxurious upholstery fabrics are at the heart of the Travers decorating point of view.

Zimmer + Rohde Collection


Symphony, the new autumn collection from Zimmer + Rohde, presents a modern universe of colours, patterns and materials.

Ardecora Collection

Emozioni di Milano

Milan, the Italian city of demure nobility and creativity, is the inspiration behind the new Ardecora collection.

Hodsoll McKenzie Collection


With an emphasis on the uniting influence of color, the Harmony Collection brings together traditional with contemporary, formal with casual, textural with smooth, dry with luster, all framed by the Hodsoll McKenzie signature look of natural elegance.

Travers Passementerie Collection

Place Vendôme

The new Travers trim collection was inspired by a retrospective celebration of the 160-year history of a famed French jeweler at the Grand Palais during a trip to Paris.


Interior Contract Award 2015 - For Textile Spaces

In 2013 the interior contract award was created by the textile company Zimmer + Rohde with the goal of recognising projects that exemplify an innovative and captivating use of textiles in interiors.

Zimmer + Rohde Milan

Evening Gown of Delight

A dress done by three students of the last year of “Accademia di Brera” in Milan with our fabric DELIGHT.

Award for fabric Star

AIT Trend Award 2015

Zimmer + Rohde received the AIT TREND 2015 award for its elegantly woven silk satin "Star".

Showroom Opening

New Shoroom Milan

Located in downtown Milan just 350 metres from the Armani store, the sophisticated textile interior designs attract Italians and visitors from all over the world to the corner of Via Fatebenefratelli and Via Marco de Marchi.

Zimmer + Rohde Collection


The impressive new Paradise collection from Zimmer + Rohde combines vitality, diversity and opulence. The collection draws on a wealth of sources, using colours such as pomegranate red, saffron yellow and peacock blue.

Wallcovering Collection


The Treasure wallpaper collection is inspired by the wonderful variety of textures, colours and forms found within nature and these are then interpreted in imaginative ways. Patterns from trees, feathers and bark form the evocative background and are finished with a metallic shine.

Etamine Collection

Granville et Porquerolles

With Granville and Porquerolles, the new Etamine collection conjures up a poetic vision of spring freshness and summer heat, a journey from the Channel coast to the shores of the Mediterranean. Enter a fresh and optimistic world of inspiration, dedicated to the pleasure of creating harmony through a blend of boldness and subtlety.

Travers Collection


Stately homes and Coastal retreats to welcome family, friends and guests with an emphasis on the refined art of entertaining is the genesis for the Travers 2015 Yorkshire collection.

Ardecora Collection

La Traviata

Just like an opera performance, La Traviata invites you on a journey to discover exciting, mysterious and expressive emotions.

Hodsoll McKenzie Collection


From the storybook hamlets of the Cotswolds to the toney, trend setting neighborhoods of London, England never fails to inspire and delight.

Zimmer + Rohde Collection

Urban Jungle

The new URBAN JUNGLE collection from Zimmer + Rohde is inspired by dazzling and sensual elements of the urban jungle and plays on jungle themes.

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