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New Zimmer + Rohde Collection


The new collection from Zimmer + Rohde is full of expressive colours and elegant patterns that reference the golden age of cinema and its glamorous stars.

New Wallcovering Collection


With the Signature wallpaper collection, Zimmer + Rohde adds a distinctive touch with its elegant style.

New Etamine Collection

Marché Dakar – Partie de Campagne

Marché Dakar reflects the vivacity of a teeming, crowded marketplace in an exotic location. Since ancient times, the market has always been a meeting point for people, wares and cultures alike.

New Travers Collection

Love Letters

The Travers 2017 collection is a love letter to the tradition of American interior design.

Zimmer + Rohde Furniture Manufacture

Production Movie

One day at the furniture manufacture of Zimmer + Rohde! Discover in our short movie how passion and handcraft produce a unique piece of furniture.

Zimmer + Rohde Furniture Collection

Handcrafted Furniture

The furniture collection by Zimmer + Rohde consists of masterpieces that are very comfortable to sit on and which boast unmistakeable looks.

Zimmer + Rohde Collection


Selection, the new collection from Zimmer + Rohde, stands
for subtle elegance and hand-picked quality pieces that are
made using elaborate production processes.

Ardecora Collection


The new Ardecora collection, Cinecittà, was inspired by Italy’s
most famous film studio.

Hodsoll McKenzie Collection


The Hodsoll McKenzie 2016 collection is an invitation to a world of relaxed elegance and charm.


Pop Up Exhibition

Visit the exhibition of the interior contract award – for textile spaces 2015 including the 3 award winners and further 65 outstanding international projects!

Heimtextil | Frankfurt

2016 wallpaper trends

What trends are on the wallcoverings market? What is being wallpapered? And what are the benefits of wallpaper over other wall design options? Answers to these questions are given here:


Good prospects

Year after year, Heimtextil serves as a key indicator for the mood in the industry

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