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Our products present the highest quality in terms of material, design and colour in order to permanently enhance the living spaces of our customers.
This is why we have strict quality requirements.

Every innovative decision in the creative area is always preceded by a meticulous material selection, which plays a significant role in the subsequent implementation. Constant inspections guarantee top quality at every step of the process. Andreas Zimmer and our textile designers regularly visit more than 100 fabric suppliers in over 30 countries in order to make sure that their products and weaving techniques meet our standards.


Every collection is a composition. Every fabric tells a unique story. Its material, design and colour are the results of a creative process which begins with inspiration.


Timeless creations

The pattern of an antique kimono, the bark of a tree, an art deco vase... the sources of inspiration for our textile designers are infinite.

Weaving and production

An exciting process of exchange

A creation comes to life. Which yarn accentuates it best? Which fabric is most suitable?

Quality control and storage

Careful consideration

Pieces sent for production as samples now come back as fabric. Before we store an item, we carry out intrinsic inspections to ensure that it meets our quality and colour standards.

Ideas and desires

A fabric taking shape

Before deciding on a fabric, you have to touch it and listen to it rustle and crackle before truly understanding its real character.

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