autumn/winter 2021

by Paola Dcroz

by The Scissorhands

The atelier or artist’s studio can be considered a reflection of the artist and their work.


ATELIER embodies textile art of the highest caliber. Inspired by the tradition of woven carpets, this modern work of art was created as an exceptional decorative fabric.


Horizontal block stripes form the basis for this elegant, semi-sheer drapery fabric. The combination of different weave structures establishes an exciting interplay of dense and more transparent surfaces.

With its high hemp content, the FAME article introduces this sustainable material into a Zimmer + Rohde collection for the first time ever. Hemp, which is just as traditional as linen and has been known for centuries, is produced in a much more ecological way; the plant itself requires very little water and is hardly susceptible to pests.FAME allures with its exceptionally soft, voluminous feel and is the epitome of natural luxury.


ZIMMER + ROHDE is celebrating the new collection ATELIER with the support of four international artists. These creative interpretation give an unexpected new framework to the textiles and help to build a bridge between application and art.


The atelier is often not only the place of creation but also key to the self-image of the artist. It can often serve as a space in which societal rules and social hierarchies are suspended.


Round, shifting shapes form the design of VENUE on an elegant sheer base. A new technique makes this burnout possible with specially developed textured effect yarns. The soft patina on the surface is also present in the sheer background which creates an exciting interplay at the window.


The colored areas of OPENING appear like a lively mosaic in finely coordinated shades. Textured and colored papers were used as a template for this digital print and arranged to form a dynamic surface. Printed on a casual linen and cotton base cloth, this decorative fabric has a charming drape.

by Rachel Anne Duffy



With INFINITY PLUS VOL II, we are building on the success of this exceptional upholstery fabric with 40 new colors. Characterized by its easy-care quality, washability, superior light and color fastness as well as high abrasion resistance, INFINITY PLUS combines the highest quality with high-tech functionality. In keeping with the contemporary Zeitgeist, we now present a total of 80 colors that leave nothing to be desired.

With the use of exclusive materials, exciting manufacturing methods and design that references glasswork in a variety of ways, the ATELIER collection explores the many facets and celebrates this special art form.


AERO NEW FR follows our successful best-seller AERO. A superfine lino warp combined with the thinnest weft threads in Trevira CS makes this highly transparent, feather-light quality possible.

A bouclé yarn specially developed for Zimmer + Rohde creates the character of the sustainable article VIVID RE FR. 60% polyester from recycled PET bottles is used in the weft, the origin of which is no longer noticeable in the soft yarn.


by Paola Dcroz

  • Creative Designer: Katharina Hoffmann |
  • Photography: Georg Roske |
  • Stylist: Sabine Heck |
  • Art Direction: Orkide Daniel