Spring 2022

The collection is motivated by the dream of a beautifully cultivated garden composed of plants and flowers that have been gathered from near and far.

Designed to reflect the spirit of a well-traveled lifestyle, inspiration for GARDEN CLUB was drawn from all corners of the world. It stays true to Travers’ traditional design history and is influenced by the outdoors. The designs in the collection offer escapism, with an assortment of patterns and textures reminiscent of the diversity found in nature.



To realize our hero print, AUDUBON GARDEN, we teamed up with Southern California artist Allison Cosmos. Every brush stroke was preserved for the fabric adaptation of this original hand painted garden oasis, filled with birds, flowers and butterflies.

Garden Club includes a variety of original designs, printing techniques and weaving processes that together form a layered collection of fabrics reminiscent of old world style.

Wave Hill

The designs in the collection offer escapism, with an assortment of patterns and textures reminiscent of the diversity found in nature.

A mastery of craftsmanship and attention to detail is found in the development of each design in the collection. WAVE HILL, a true warp print produced by trained artisans in India has a rustic quality that perfectly encapsulates a feeling of vintage charm.

Wave Hill is inspired by vines and trails from the Ottoman era, modernized with the use of large bold flowers and then softened using a traditional warp print technique. Subtle variations are a part of the inherent beauty of this charming rustic print.

Gazebo Vine

GAZEBO VINE is adapted from a hand painted medallion found in the Travers archive. Printed on natural woven linen using environmentally friendly GOTS certified dyes, GAZEBO VINE is available in six colors that range from brick red and blush to sky blue and indigo.


ARABLE sheer is woven on a special wide width loom in Turkey. Its staggered edges are created using a traditional fil coupe technique that is clipped on the backside of the fabric for a smooth surface. A blended fabric using natural linen and cotton from Europe, ARABLE has a stone washed finish that radiates casual elegance.



Timeless in its interpretation, ARBOR IKAT is a printed tonal stripe with irregular edges and a rhythmic repeat; a true testament to traditional woven ikats. Printed on a cotton and linen blend, each color world offers a range of casts and values which make it an excellent bridge to any room.



Introducing ELIZABETH, a cheerful block print and embroidery featuring freehand brushstrokes that form a checkerboard pattern with a hand painted floral at the center. Block printed on a dyed cotton base, ELIZABETH keeps the aura of a pure craft form. Placed circle medallions are embroidered over top, portraying a stylized tree and bird vignette in unique combinations of stitches that include chunky hand knots. This elegant design offers a vibrant, happy statement to your house, quirky and enchanting with eye-catching embroidery.



A hand crafted work of art

Inspired from a sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, HAMPTON PATCH is a quilted four color patchwork of cut trapezoids pieced together to create rhythm and depth. We use the age old method of hand dying to achieve the variation in color for each of the patches. A true labor of love, it takes about 20 skilled women three to five days to produce 25 meters of fabric using semi-automated sewing machines to piece the fabric swatches together.

Garden Stripe

GARDEN STRIPE is the perfect addition to our Travers sheer selection. This relaxed three color stripe uses a special weaving technique to produce a fabric that looks and feels handwoven.

blurs the lines between home and garden, breathing fresh color and new life into each interior.





Longwood Weave is the textured upholstery plain you have been waiting for! Three different yarn colors are carefully dyed and then warped in a very specific manner to create an end result that, though very intentional, appears wholly organic. It has a dry, all natural cotton composition, and is available in nine colors.

CARAVAN is a fresh take on a traditional boucle. It is woven on a linen viscose warp with a very thick weft of 100% pure slub wool that results in a hand-made look. The use of wool adds to the sustainability of the fabric, and the finishing process is chemical free with respect to the environment. CARAVAN has a special old world quality to it, and is a classic addition to the Travers line.

My design intention for Garden Club was to capture the feeling of sophisticated old world style with a relaxed, effortless way about it.

I focused on botanical elements and natural materials to bring the outside in, collaborating with artists and drawing inspiration from the Travers archive. I love that so many of the designs have handmade details, and that the level of craftsmanship is undeniable!

Allison Block, Travers Design Director

  • Creative Designer: Allison Block |
  • Photography: Ngoc Minh Ngo |
  • Stylist: Alexandra Morris Flint |
  • Digital Art Direction: Orkide Daniel