Sketchbooks have their own special charm, as they provide an insight into the internal workings of the artistic process. They reveal the process behind design and, according to Goethe, speak directly to the spirit, without intellectually circuitous detours.

The inspiration of this opaque taffeta fabric canvas was the pure canvas of an artist, shortly before the first brush stroke touches the surface.

Suite fr

The versatile monochrome velour SUITE FR, impresses above all with its silky-matt luster and an extensive color palette. 40 carefully selected colorways will steal the show in every conceivable furnishing situation, whether as an upholstery fabric, window drapes, wall covering or room divider, transforming every room into an elegant oasis of color.


The mellow color palette of the eponymous artist, who became famous for his reduced and, at the same time, extremely sensual still lifes, was the inspiration for the 22 colorways of this semi-transparent decorative fabric. The wool-like, matte texture of the surface lends a high degree of warmth to any interior, whether as a window treatment or as a decorative room divider.


The deliberate use of random principles in the manufacturing process and the combination of print and jacquard fabrics is particularly acute in the two signature designs GRAND LEAVES and KUBIST, which tell of the experimental joy of working with a sketchbook.

Grand Leaves

GRAND LEAVES is the result of impressive artistic expression and textile experimentation.The colorful, expressive painting was applied to the finely-threaded and dense warp threads as a resource-saving digital print before the weaving process began. With this warp printing technique, the warp threads shift slightly in relation to each other during weaving, resulting in an intentionally blurred color effect, especially on the outer edges of the painted leaf shapes. In addition, the jacquard technique is used to combine the printed painting with an abstract silhouette pattern. The positioning of the two design steps in relation to each other is deliberately left to chance. This creates surprising overlays that are always changing.

Of all the interior materials we use in our homes, textiles are responsible for the feeling of softness and warmth in the living space.


Angora goat hair is one of the most precious and at the same time durable materials from which you can weave a velour fabric. The precious wool also has additional special features: Mohair is extremely fine and silky, light and durable, wrinkle-resistant, water-repellent and at the same time moisture-absorbent. It is cooling in summer and warming in winter. As with silk or linen, this unique natural material reflects colors in a very special way. Each individual shade develops its own extraordinary depth and dimension.SPLENDID MOHAIR will enchant you with an extraordinary color palette ranging from elegant and restrained to intensely luminous.


Two-tone woven linen satin LINTEN reflects the beauty of the natural material with its balanced color palette of soft chalk tones. In addition, the pleasant touch and soft drape also emphasize the casual, natural character of this fabric.This fabric is made of 100% European linen and was manufactured in Italy.

For the artistic designs GRAFFITI, SCRIPT and SUPERIMPOSITION, fine line drawings, scribbles and hatchings were translated into artfully woven and finely embroidered textiles.


Everyone has seen those walls, often in ancient cities, etched into over and over, with proclamations of love or slogans, so many that nothing remains legible over the years. This particular form of vandalism was the inspiration for GRAFFITI, a natural jacquard fabric with dense all-over embroidery.The base fabric is 40% European linen, with 60% organically-sourced cotton, made and embroidered in Italy.

This kind of sketchiness was the inspiration for GRAFFITI, a natural jacquard fabric. The basic material consists of 40% European linen and 60% ecologically obtained cotton.


On the quest for the origins of artistic geniality the sketchbook is its own genre in the art world and the scribbles of major artists are, of course, exhibited alongside their finished works.

Sketches perpetuate the creative flash of inspiration


The abstract design of the jacquard fabric INTUITION thrives on the tension between texture, surface and line. Craftsmanship and elegance are cleverly combined by the interplay of voluminous linen yarn with shimmering metallic accents, emphasizing the powerful dynamics of the generous brush strokes.

The INTUITION jacquard fabric lives from the tension between texture, surface and line. Voluminous linen yarn is mutually combined with shimmering metallic accents and underlines the powerful dynamics of the generous brush strokes.


Despite being machine manufactured, SCRIPT can genuinely be described as a textile work of art. The casual decorative fabric is fascinating in more ways than one. The block stripes, which are only delicately hinted at, are composed of countless yarns woven into the base fabric at specific points, reminiscent of lines of text written by an unknown hand. The lively base colors were achieved in an artistic handcrafted dyeing process. This fabric is made of 100% European linen and manufactured in Italy.

The spectacular linen print COLOUR STUDY is a textile interpretation of a painterly color study.

Colour Study

The linen print fabric COLOUR STUDY reflects the liveliness and spontaneity of an intuitively created brush sketch. In a painterly hand, large and small color fields in soft tones and strong colors are juxtaposed, developing an intense depth of color on the elegantly shimmering linen satin.The base fabric, woven in France, consists of 100% linen of European origin and was digitally printed in Austria using resource-saving digital print technology.

For many artists and designers, the interplay of colors is one of the most important foundations of their work. This leads to countless studies to try out the effects of certain color combinations.


As is so often the case, the sophistication of SUPERIMPOSITION is in the detail. Different hatching styles have been translated into elaborate embroidery with a great deal of imagination and flair, fully exploiting the possibilities of machine production technology. Finer and coarser hatchings in circular shapes overlap on the naturally elegant linen satin and come together to form a graphic all-over design.


INTERSECTIONS is a double-sided jacquard fabric with a woolen feel. The polygonal network of hand-drawn lines is a charming contrast to the softly flowing materiality. The densely woven fabric with attractive front and reverse is suitable not only for cozy window treatments, but also as a decorative bedspread.This decorative fabric is produced in Germany and is climate neutral. The yarns are all sourced in Europe.


Softly twisted mélange yarns combine in SOFTGRID to create an expressive woven lattice with a vibrant color effect.The floor-length ‘inbetween’ curtain combines volume and transparency in equal measure.The open texture and the associated soft drape convey a laid-back cozy feel.


A metallic shimmer, reminiscent of graphite: the elegant horizontal-striped LINEARE comes into its own particularly when used generously as a window treatment. A fine color-contrasting line emphasizes the woven relief of transparency and density. This exceptional decorative fabric is manufactured in Germany and is climate-neutral. The yarns are all sourced in Europe.


This decorative jacquard velour plays with the seemingly random combination of color fields and geometry. A dazzling print composed of countless small polygonal fields is overlaid on the clear grid of the geometric jacquard design. Since the two patterns are created in two separate production steps, the print motif and fabric overlap in changing formations, making KUBIST an attractive eye-catcher on upholstery as well as when used as decorative curtain fabric.KUBIST is climate neutral and manufactured in Germany. The yarns are all sourced in Europe.

This ramble through the decorative worlds of a variety of artistic styles is rounded off by extensive monochrome palettes in unadulterated materials like thick-pile mohair velour and relaxed but sophisticated linen satin, all the way down to flattering soft textured mélange fabrics.

Stefan Gabel, Creative Director

Sketches perpetuate the creative flash of inspiration ...

In the search for the origin of artistic ingenuity, the sketchbook is a genre of its own in the visual arts, and notes by great artists are displayed in museums even alongside finished works in an understandable way. There are many types of sketching: planned sketching in the studio in an artist's book, scribbling in small notebooks when traveling or on loose pieces of paper that fit in your jacket pocket. The recording of nocturnal inspirations on a notepad next to the bed or the proverbial white napkin in the restaurant. They have one thing in common: They perpetuate the creative flash of inspiration. This collection is dedicated to this brief moment, as well as to its manifold manifestations in the form of dots, lines, bundles of lines, hatching, brushstrokes and spots of color - spontaneously put on paper.

  • Creative Director: Stefan Gabel |
  • Photography: Alexis Armanet |
  • Set Styling: Sarah de Beaumont
  • Art Direction Photoshooting: Cakedesign, Paris |
  • Digital Art Direction: Orkide Daniel |
  • Video Production: Elena Schröder