villa farnesina

The Italian Renaissance – a period marked by the debut of oil painting, the emergence of perspective and the vibrancy of multi-layered colour worlds in art.


As the name suggests, the inspiration for this prestigious and highly decorative CARRARA flat print was the Tuscan town of Carrara, which has become famous worldwide for its marble quarries. This refined interpretation of marble is particularly fascinating thanks to the combination of elegantly shimmering color nuances on the softly flowing velour base. The vibrant play of light and shade and the subtle color range make CARRARA a highlight in any sophisticated interior.

The Ardecora 2021 collection celebrates this exciting era in all its facets and is particularly dedicated to its materiality and architecture: Eminent fortresses of sandstone and the linear sophistication of impressive buildings are the inspiration for the choreography of the new designs.

palazzo ducale

PALAZZO DUCALE is a textile masterpiece that captivates with its handcrafted style. The artful embroidery of this noble decorative stripe on fine cotton satin fascinates with its subtle colorfulness and three-dimensional relief. This contemporary interpretation creates a graphic effect that showcases the refined beauty of this sophisticated item.


PANTHEON is inspired by the architecture of the ancient building of the same name in Rome. Like the view into the dome, PANTHEON conveys a fascinating impression of different geometric structures in a charming and harmonious play of colors. The subtle sheen of the elegant cotton satin base underlines the timeless and three-dimensional effect of this impressive digital print.


The timeless interpretation of this damask design gives this softly flowing decorative item its special sophistication. A fresco in a villa in Florence was the inspiration for this intricate jacquard, which is woven on a very fine silk-like warp. After weaving, the fabric is refined with a gentle brush finish, giving it its modern character and special hand.


An absolute highlight in this collection is Dipinto, a handcrafted and highly elegant embroidery on the hand-woven bouclé silk, Monsoon (ZR 10683). In keeping with the contemporary Zeitgeist, this luxurious embroidery that is enhanced with subtle metallic yarns, creates a charming contrast to the raw silk base. The natural look of this beautiful item encompasses both the slight horizontal streaking and the thickness of the spun silk yarn.


BELLINI is a modern interpretation of a classic marble floor from the Italian Renaissance. The juxtaposition of matte and shiny weave effects gives this decorative textile depth and creates a subtle play of colors. In addition, a special finish gives BELLINI its voluminous and soft drape.


Inspired by the floors of the same name in the Villa FARNESINA, TERRAZZO reflects the sometimes astonishing modernity and clarity of design language during the Renaissance.

palazzo ducale


A clear graphic effect is created by the contemporary ornamentation of this wide width sheer drapery. The geometric motifs woven in the fil coupé technique make BRAMANTE an expressive textile. Its three-dimensional effect is particularly accentuated by the use of subtly applied metallic yarns.

With the VILLA FARNESINA collection, Ardecora succeeds in creating an unmistakable interpretation of the Renaissance in the modern Zeitgeist. The designs and colourings are told in a very Italian way – expressive, picturesque and self-confident.


URBINO is inspired by the city of the same name, birthplace of the painter Raffaello. The precise structure of this contemporary jacquard is reminiscent of Renaissance architecture and materials used in the region. The sophisticated weaving technique and the use of subtle lustre yarns create delightful light and shade effects that give URBINO its special charm.


Elegant and very decorative sheer drapery fabric. The innovative interpretation of this all-over design has been achieved by artfully sewn together bands of color, which give this textile its lively, three-dimensional structure. STUCCO adds a stunning accent to any sophisticated interior.


This graphic jacquard pattern fascinates with its sophisticated and vibrant color combinations. The use of high-quality mercerized cotton in the weft and the special weave effects give VASARI its fine sheen and dimensional surface structure. The seven beautiful colorways of this all-over design can be used both as an upholstery and as a decorative fabric and integrated into any elegant room concept.

vil la far nes ina

  • Creative Director: Katharina Schmitter |
  • Photography: Didier Delmas |
  • Stylist: Virginie Lucy-Duboscq |
  • Art Direction: Orkide Daniel |
  • Location: Le Manoir de Collonges |
  • Cameraman: Claude Bénard