Article no.: 1010398899

An attractive, striking leather network, with interwoven leather bands of varying width. This exquisite leather weave with its special characteristic irregularity looks hand woven and requires particularly elaborate preparat ion and production processes. The hides are cut into irregular bands for warp and weft. A special cutting method is used for the weft. In order to create as few lengths as possible the hide is stretched on a cutting machine and cut into bands in a spiral fashion. Special looms are used for drawing-in the long leather bands and putting them under tension. During this process it is important to avoid twisting the leather bands, both during mounting on the loom and weaving. Subsequently the network is attached to a cotton backing in order to ensure sufficient stability for processing.

The inset picture show a part of the full width of: 71 cm
The colours shown are not binding.

Collection: Classical Beauty | Sunday Morning
Category: Upholstery
Width: 71 cm
Composition: 100%LEATHER
Martindale: 55.000
Horizontal repeat: 0 cm
Vertical repeat: 0 cm
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