Place des Lices

Article no.: 1019570196

1904 marks the beginning of fauvism. Henri Matisse – alongside Paul Signac – discovers Saint-Tropez. Joyous and full of life, their paintings overturn the conformities of the 19th century by the boldness of their colour. PLACE DES LICES is a modest work by the artist, yet it is a destination not to be missed in the little fishing village. Coloured façades, pink country houses, blue shutters, botanical gardens, flower markets, artists’ workshops, openair cafés with music and dancing, bakers’ shops and interior decoration boutiques evoke the French art de vivre on mild summer days. PLACE DES LICES is embroidered on a linen-cotton blend. The richness of the stitches – feather, satin and tatami – attest to the delicacy of the print that inspired it and the quality of the embroidery. With elegance and discretion, palm, pine and strawberry trees fade into pearl white, charcoal grey, saffron yellow and sky blue.

The inset picture show a part of the full width of: 143 cm
The colours shown are not binding.

Collection: La couleur des fleurs
Category: Decoration
Width: 143 cm
Usable Width: 128 cm
Composition: 55%Flax (Linen) 45%Cotton, Embroidery 70%Polyester 30%Viscose
Horizontal repeat: 64 cm
Vertical repeat: 75 cm
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