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Haute couture inspiration for the COCO & GABRIELLE fabrics, which combine fancy yarns and colour with the boldness of the greatest Parisian designers of the 1920s. These two plain fabrics are woven by hand on the looms of long ago. This artisanal approach lends them refinement and delicacy: the manual process preserves the original beauty of the yarns and protects them from the mechanical stress inflicted by today’s looms. The exclusivity of these weaves comes from the richness and dyeing of the yarns that compose them. While for COCO the weft and the warp are identical and the yarn is space-dyed in three colours, with GABRIELLE it is a different story. GABRIELLE is made up of three unusual fancy yarns, spun by hand: one ribbon, one woollen yarn and one of slubbed cotton. Each one is space-dyed in two or three colours, turning GABRIELLE into a uniquely hued fabric. The 15 colours of COCO & GABRIELLE pay homage to Mademoiselle Chanel and are characterised, of course, by the exceptional

The inset picture show a part of the full width of: 136 cm
The colours shown are not binding.

Collection: La couleur des fleurs
Category: Decoration
Width: 136 cm
Composition: 70%Cotton 30%Viscose
Horizontal repeat: 0 cm
Vertical repeat: 0 cm
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