Sabi Sabi

Article no.: 1044158568

SABI SABI is a unique and modern chevron design using a mix of matte and shiny yarns. The stitches were intentionally patterned like a box, made longer than usual to evoke a feel similar to a kilim weave. ‘Sabi’ means fear or danger in the African Tsonga dialect, which is appropriately fitting for this bold, strong design.

The inset picture show a part of the full width of: 137 cm
The colours shown are not binding.

Collection: OUT OF AFRICA
Category: Decoration
Width: 137 cm
Usable Width: 126 cm
Composition: 60%Flax (Linen) 40%Cotton, Embroidery 80%Polyester 20%Viscose
Horizontal repeat: 42 cm
Vertical repeat: 38 cm
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