Golden Rain

Article no.: 2750018185

Like a unique gem,GOLDEN RAIN can adorn any room, glistening with elegant restraint as the light passes over it or standing proud like a shimmering sapphire. The fragmented silver and gold structure pours out like a metallic rain over a background with a mother-of-pearl finish, evoking thoughts of a fine gold leaf. This is the result of a complex process where the metal foil has been applied to the base to mimic high-quality craftsmanship. This article is available in 4 colourways.

The inset picture show a part of the full width of: 70 cm
The colours shown are not binding.

Collection: Reflection
Category: wallpaper
Width: 70 cm
Composition: 100%VLIES
Horizontal repeat: 0 cm
Vertical repeat: 64 cm
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