Wonderland Wall

Article no.: 2750058416

The floral design of Wonderland Wall gives fantasy free rein. Meandering vines and leaves invoke images of an enchanted land where shimmering animals roam free and exotic fruits grow. Both variants - strong, vibrant shades and neutral, understated colours - whisk you away to a magical world. The multi-coloured digital print in the foreground is underscored by subtle shadowing that gives the design a three-dimensional effect. A soft, shimmering fil posé material serves as a background, and its laminated warp threads harmonise with the simulated warp print perfectly, lending Wonderland Wall a soft, textile surface.

The inset picture show a part of the full width of: 100 cm
The colours shown are not binding.

Collection: Adventures
Category: wallpaper
Width: 100 cm
Composition: Polyester on non-woven
Horizontal repeat: 0 cm
Vertical repeat: 63 cm
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