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Fashion ideas

Energise or calm the room

Mix & Match

Here, too, you have two options in terms of style: you can energise or calm the room. If you choose cushions which repeat the colours and patterns of other fabrics, such as the curtains or a piece of furniture for instance, this nurtures harmony and can even balance the confusion created by too much variety.
A good idea is to use the curtain lining material for the cushions. On the other hand, if you want to add a subtle touch to a room to pep things up a little, go for contrasts. White cushions on a black sofa or vice-versa make an immediate difference.
For an even more dramatic effect, bring colour into the equation. With complementary combinations, such as red and green, orange and blue or yellow and violet, the tones serve to intensify each other. Red, pink and violet tones will make your cushions real eye-catchers. A homely contrast can be achieved by teaming block colours with patterns, or floral patterns with single-coloured fabrics.
A subtle, but equally effective touch is achieved by mixing delicate and sturdy materials, or shiny and matt or smooth and structured fabrics. This can even be done on the same cushion: damask on the front, woollen loden on the back. Alternatively, divide the cushion into various fabric areas, such as in a striped pattern. An extra-stylish option is to contrast historical textiles with modern, minimalist furniture.

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